Raf Bocklandt
School of Mathematics and Statistics
Newcastle University
Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RU
United Kingdom

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Research interests

Publications of Raf Bocklandt

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preprint: arXiv:0711.0179

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Bocklandt, Raf;
The geometry of quotient Varieties of quivers,
PhD thesis

Overview of my research

My main research area is the representation theory of noncommutative algebras and its connections to various other parts of mathematics, such as Algebraic geometry, Non-commutative geometry, algebraic topology, Knot theory and theoretical physics.

I started out studying the geometry of quotient varieties of quivers, classifying all quivers and dimension vectors such that the quotient space classifying all isomorphism classes of semi-simple representations is a smooth variety.

Together with Lieven Le Bruyn, Geert Van de Weyer, Jan Adriaensens and Stijn Symens I extended these methods to investigate singularities that can occur in these varieties, the properties of the fibers of the quotient map and other geometric objects associated to noncommutative algebras like character varieties, moduli spaces, graded representation spaces and Brauer-Severi varieties.

Together with Lieven Le Bruyn also studied the connection between noncommutative symplectic geometry, preprojective algebras and a type of infinite dimensional Lie algebras called Necklace Lie Algebras.

I also have been investigating Calabi-Yau algebras. These algebras appear in the homological study of 3-dimensional gorenstein singularities and also in the study of superstring theory on calabi yau manifolds. I showed that graded 3-dimensional Calabi-Yau algebras derive from superpotentials and together with Michael Wemyss and Travis Schedler we extended the superpotential method to arbitrary dimensions in the case that the algebra is Koszul. In the case of toric singularities I proved that noncommutative toric crepant resolutions in dimension 3 alway come from dimer models and I studied the connection between the different different consistency conditions for dimer models.

Recently I have been working on a program that can construct all possible dimer models for a given 3-dimensional Gorenstein singularity. This program can be tried out here.


Here is a list of my talks.

Lecture notes

Here are some lecture notes for undergraduate and graduate courses that I taught.

Differential Geometry II

Advanced Master Course on Kleinian Singularities

Representation theory

Coding theory and Cryptography

Linear Algebra

Coding Theory

Capita Selecta on noncommutative resolutions of singularities