Dr. Lee Fawcett

Lecturer in Statistics

Newcastle University

Current teaching

These are the modules that I am teaching for the 2018 - 2019 academic year. Please click on the links for more course information!

Semester 1

  • MAS2602: Computing for Mathematics & Statistics

Semester 2

  • MAS1802: Problem Solving II
  • MAS2903: An Introduction to Bayesian Methods

Previously taught modules

These are the modules I have taught in the past between 2006 - 2018

Maths and Stats

  • MAS1801: Problem Solving I
  • MAS1343: Computational Probability and Statistics Using R
  • MAS2317/3317: Introduction to Bayesian Statistics
  • MAS2305/3305: Statistical Inference
  • MAS1301/2301: Introduction to Probability and Statistics
  • MAS272/672: Foundations of Statistics
  • MAS144: Computational Mathematics and Statistics
  • MAS144: Computational Mathematics and Statistics

Service teaching

  • ACC1012: Professional Skills for Accounting and Finance
  • ACC1053: Introductory Quantitative Methods / Principles of Taxation
  • ACE2013: Statistics for Marketing and Management
  • MAS1401: Statistical Methods for Biologists
  • CIV2002: Statistics for Civil Engineers
  • AEF258: Statistics for Marketing and Management
  • BNS233: Statistical Computing
  • CIV702: Research Methods (Statistics)
  • MAR801: Crash Course in Statistics
  • MAR806: Time Series and Forecasting

Beginner's R course

I provide a distance-learning, basic course in the statistical computing software R - primarily aimed at students entering directly into Stage 2 of our programmes who have not used R before, but anyone who would like to brush up on their basic R skills is welcome to take a look!

This course was developed by my intern student - Amy Chadwick - during summer 2015, and covers the basics of the R material currently taught in MAS1802.