MAS2602: Computing for Statistics

Dr. Lee Fawcett

Newcastle University


Semester 1, 2018 - 2019

This is the course website for the Statistics part of MAS2602: Computing for Mathematics and Statistics, taught by Dr. Lee Fawcett.

Schedule of lectures and tutorials

Lectures take place on (some) Mondays 2pm-3pm, and Tuesdays 3pm-4pm, in Lecture Theatre 2 of the Herschel Building.

In addition to the lectures there are regular computer practicals starting in teaching week 6. These take place in the Herschel PC cluster on Thursdays 4pm-6pm.

Please follow your week-by-week timetable in the lecture notes for a complete calendar for this part of the course!

Background reading

  • John Brown and Duncan James Murdoch: A First Course in Statistical Programming with R
  • Sheldon Ross: A First Course in Probability
  • N.A. Weiss, Paul T. Holmes and Hardy Michael: A Course in Probability

Contact details

Module leader: Lee Fawcett


Room 2.07
Herschel Building
Newcastle University

Phone: (0191) 208 7228