MAS3702 Linear Analysis


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Note: the lecture notes and homeworks are provisional on this web page. The final version will be posted in September 2020.

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Linear Analysis notes

Examples Sheet 1:

Examples Sheet 1

Examples Sheet 2:

Examples Sheet 2

Examples Sheet 3:

Examples Sheet 3

Examples Sheet 4:

Examples Sheet 4

Examples Sheet 5:

Examples Sheet 5

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MAS3702 exam paper

Solutions to Examples Sheets 1-5:

can be found on MAS3702 Blackboard, see ``Assignments",

Late work policy:

It is not possible to extend submission deadlines for coursework in this module and no late work can be accepted.

For details of the policy (including procedures in the event of illness etc.) please look at the School web site

( Late work policy

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It is not the School policy to provide solutions to past exam papers. I follow this policy.

One can find solutions to almost all questions in my lecture notes on Linear Analysis and in Solutions to homeworks.

Please do not concentrate on the last year exam paper. This is the 3rd year module, questions will be different this year.

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