Dr. Lee Fawcett

Lecturer in Statistics

Newcastle University

Developing Shiny applications to bring research into the classroom


In December 2015 I was awarded a grant from the University Learning, Teaching and Student Experience Committee (ULTSEC) to develop web-based applications to enable research-informed teaching and outreach activities. The aim of the project is to enable students at the University, and school children taking part in our outreach activities, to engage and interact with current methods for modelling environmental extremes via user-friendly software tools developed primarily within the Shiny environment for R.

If you're interested, feel free to look through the full details of my grant proposal.

Students have been employed to work on this grant, including Keith Newman (postgrad) and Amy Green, Emma Bradley and Theo Roe (undergrads).

More information will appear here when the project is complete! For now, feel free to try out two of our apps:


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