Dr. Lee Fawcett

Lecturer in Statistics

Newcastle University

The CASE project: Case-based Approaches to Statistics Education


In March 2013 I was awarded a grant from the University Learning, Teaching and Student Experience Committee (ULTSEC) to investigate the use of case-based learning and teaching in Statistics service courses. The aim of the project is to promote a deeper understanding of core ideas in Mathematics and Statistics in a stage 1 course for Accounting & Finance students - by teaching through real-life, interesting, relevant case study material. Case-based learning involves group work and collaboration, discussion and participation in class, report-writing, and student-centred assessment and feedback.

If you're interested, feel free to look through the full details of my grant proposal.

Slides from an introductory talk on this project are also available.

Student involvement

The project has involved students from the outset:


Various resources have been developed for the CASE project. Most of these can be found on my ACC1012/1013 teaching page; some of the main documents can be found here.

Case study handouts

Student evaluation questionnaire

Postgrad material for running case study tutorials

Summer revision material

Case studies in other courses

Case material has been trialled in other courses, including MAS2317: Introduction to Bayesian Statistics and MAS8306: Topics in Statistics (Environmental Extremes); see my teaching page for these courses for more information.


Fawcett, L. (2017). The CASE project: evaluation of case-based approaches to learning and teaching in Statistics service courses. Journal of Statistics Education, 25(2), pp. 79-89.