Contact Details

    Organiser: Professor Mihai Putinar.
    email: mihai (dot) putinar (at) ncl (dot) ac (dot ) uk
    Organiser: Dr. Evgenios Kakariadis.
    email: evgenios (dot) kakariadis (at) ncl (dot) ac (dot ) uk
    Organiser: Dr. Alexey Popov.
    email: alexey (dot) popov (at) ncl (dot) ac (dot ) uk


    Some financial support will be available and distributed according to the number of registered participants, with priority to junior mathematicians.

Location of the School

    We are located in the Herschel Building on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors in the heart of the University, adjacent to the Haymarket Metro and bus stations. Newcastle University lies in the city: five minutes' walk from the centre and bus station, 15 minutes from the railway station.

    Find out more about getting to Newcastle and visiting the campus on the main University travel pages.


    University location and campus maps can be printed for reference.