Onur Teymur

I am a post-doctoral researcher in the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics at Newcastle University, based full-time at the Alan Turing Institute in London.

I am interested in Bayesian statistical theory and, increasingly, in non-parametric Bayesian approaches.

I am also involved with the emerging field of probabilistic numerical methods.

How are ya, champ?

Not so bad, thanks for asking.

Three-line CV

I was previously at the Department of Mathematics at Imperial College London (2018-20), where I was also a postgraduate (2013-18).

Some publications

1. Teymur, Gorham, Riabiz & Oates (2020)  Optimal quantisation of probability measures using Maximum Mean Discrepancy;   arXiv:2010.07064

2. Teymur & Filippi (2020)  A Bayesian nonparametric test for conditional independence;  Foundations of Data Science & arXiv:1910.11219

3. Teymur, Lie, Sullivan & Calderhead (2018)  Implicit probabilistic integrators for ODEs;  NeurIPS 2018 & arXiv:1805.07970

4. Teymur, Zygalakis & Calderhead (2016)  Probabilistic linear multistep methods;  NeurIPS 2016 & arXiv:1610.08417

Oct 2020