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Graph curvature calculator v0.8.4
If you have found this software useful, please cite the following article:
The Graph Curvature Calculator and the curvatures of cubic graphs, Experimental Mathematics, 2019
(arXiv:1712.03033 [math.CO])

Add new vertex - Click vertex, then click empty space
Connect vertices - Click vertex, then click another
Remove vertex - Right-click (tap-and-hold) a vertex
Remove edge - Right-click (tap-and-hold) an edge
Zoom in/out - Scroll wheel (pinch-and-zoom)
Pan - Click empty space and drag
Move vertex - Click a vertex and drag

Software contributors
David Cushing
Erin Law
Ben Snodgrass
George Stagg
Includes the graph visualisation software cytoscape.js (MIT Licenced).
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