About the forum

The forum was started in 1997 and is meant to give postgraduate students:

Speakers can talk about their own research, or instead on any topic in mathematics or statistics which they find interesting.

For more information on the forum (including a schedule of talks for the current academic year) please see the 2005-2006 page.

Past years: 2004-05

Schedule of talks for 2004-05, term 2
10th Feb 05Yemon ChoiGelfand theory for CBAsKate
17th Feb 05Kate DavisonSpatial modelling of neolithic dispersal in a non-uniform environmentSam
24th Feb 05Sam JamesHalf-spin and SU(2)Keith
3rd Mar 05Keith GodaRoots and treesYemon
10th Mar 05Yemon ChoiSome representation theoryCarlos?
17th Mar 05Yemon ChoiMore representation theoryEniko
Schedule of talks for 2004-05, term 1
14th Oct 04Eniko LukacsVortex lattice formation and configurations in a rotating Bose-Einstein condensateCarlos
21st Oct 04Yemon ChoiHow big is a random matrix? Some limit theorems and spectral theoryKeith
28th Oct 04Phil GilesOn Bayesian statisticsEniko
4th Nov 04NO TALK
11th Nov 04Joachim MouandaToeplitz matrices of Toeplitz operators, and factorizationsYemon
18th Nov 04Andrew Golightly & Carlos PachecoStatistical inference for stochastic differential equationsJutaporn
25th Nov 04Yemon ChoiSubspaces of Banach spacesKate
2nd Dec 04Keith Goda & Vikki BlatherwickSolving equations in groupsLauren

Past years: 2004

Schedule of talks for 2004
28th Jan 04Keith GodaRuler and compass constructions: why you can't trisect an angleYemon
11th Feb 04Eniko LukacsDifference methods for parabolic and elliptic equationsCarlos
25th Feb 04Joachim MouandaToeplitz algebras of partially ordered groupsLiz
10th Mar 04Jonathan AtyeoAnticipating extreme rainfall eventsKeith
Easter break
21st Apr 04Daniel PooleHeliumEniko
5th May 04Yemon ChoiAlmost additive, almost multiplicative, almost commutingDanny
26th May 04Carlos PachecoApproximating Lévy processesYemon
9th Jun 04Jutaporn JindasawatModelling of discrete state series based on run length distributionCarlos

Past years: 2003

Talks given in 2003
29th Jan 03Yemon ChoiRamsey's theorem: finding patterns in graphsKeith
12th Feb 03Carlos PachecoThe Black-Scholes modelYemon
26th Feb 03Daniel PooleTangles in superfluid heliumLiz
12th Mar 03Keith GodaThe Banach-Tarski paradox, and other nonsenseJohn
26th Mar 03Liz SmithAn introduction to extreme value theoryLinda
Easter break
7th May 03Lisa HallThe inflationary universeYemon
21st May 03Yemon ChoiDiagrams and functorsCarlos
4th June 03Alaa Abou-HajarA characterisation of µELinda

Past years: 2002 and before

You can see details of talks from 2002 and before by following these links: