Tom Nye


Tom Nye
School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics
Herschel Building
Newcastle University
Newcastle upon Tyne

Tom.Nye -at-
(+44) 191 208 5369


Students should look at blackboard for my teaching materials or follow the link on the left.

Research interests

I am primarily interested in mathematical and statistical aspects of molecular evolution. My research focuses on the development of statistical models for constructing phylogenetic trees and methods for assessing uncertainty / confidence in phylogenetic estimates. My wider interests lie with geometrical problems in statistics, particularly inference problems involving non-euclidean sample spaces such as tree-space.

I am a member of NODES (Northeast Organisation of DiscretE Structures) and am currently a committee member of the International Biometric Society British and Irish Region.


By training, I'm a mathematician: my PhD was in differential geometry. Following my PhD, I worked as a mathematical consultant in industry for a couple of years before doing a postdoc at the Medical Research Council Biostatistics Unit. These days I'm a statistician (of sorts). I'm particularly motivated by applications in evolutionary biology, and methodologically I tend to be Bayesian. Geometrical ideas often influence the way I think and solve problems.