Dr. Lee Fawcett

Lecturer in Statistics

Newcastle University

Outreach activities

Part of my role on the School's Admissions and Recruitment Committee involves organising, and running, various outreach activities for local schools, colleges and sixth form centres. Since 2009 I have visited many local schools, and attended events, to give talks and run activities - including:

  • "The storm of the century!"
  • "The Pepsi Challenge: can you tell the difference?"
  • "The truth behind speed cameras: regression to the mean"
  • "Who's the thief? Bayesian Statistics and the lie detector test"
  • "Oceans of Opportunity: careers in Marine Science"
  • "Life as a Maths student at Newcastle University"
  • "A Future in Mathematics"

These talks have been delivered as one hour hands-on workshops, full afternoon workshops, guest lectures (e.g. the Royal Institution Master Class series) and talks at advice sessions for sixth-formers. Material ranges from topics accessible to year 8 students right through to sixth form students. Please contact me for further details, or see the section on our School's webpage.