Minitab Macros

Fisher's Exact test, Armitage's trend test and confidence interval for odds ratio in a 2x2 table

Minitab is a general purpose package that performs many, but not all, of the statistical techniques commonly needed in medical research.  It has a facility for running Minitab 'macros' (collections of Minitab code) and this can be used to extend the range of available techniques.  Macros have been written to perform three techniques that are often required but which are usually unavailable in Minitab, these are:

The macros are compatible with version 9 and later versions of Minitab.  All the macros can be obtained by clicking  here .  This will download a  self-extracting ZIP file.  It is sensible to download this to an empty directory and then run the file (for example, by double-clicking on it in Windows Explorer).  This will produce seven files: three pairs of files corresponding to the three macros and a file called readme.txt which should be consulted for details about how to install and run the macros.

The macros have been in use for several years and and appear to give correct results.  They may be freely used and distributed but no guarantee is given for the correctness of the software nor any liability accepted for their use.

 John Matthews

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