Generating Coursework Submission Header Sheets, and Accessing Marks in Ness

The School releases coursework marks and module return marks via the Ness system. It also uses Ness to generate personalised Header sheets for the submission of coursework.

Logging in to Ness

To access Ness, go to, and log in with your normal Campus username and password.

Your login information is retained until your browser session (all tabs and windows!) is closed. So to ‘logout’, you need to close the browser.

Coursework Submission Header sheets

Students' coursework submissions must be attached to personalised header sheets generated within Ness. These contain printed barcodes specific to each exercise and student, allowing the General Office to track all work submitted.

Using the menus in Ness, go to ‘Coursework’, then ‘Header Sheets’. Click on one of the module codes, and pick a specific coursework exercise from the pull-down menu. Clicking on ‘Personalised Header Sheet’ then generates the individualised header sheet as a PDF file; this can be saved or sent directly to a printer.

Coursework marks

Using the menus in Ness, go to ‘Coursework’, then ‘Summary’.

By default this will give you all your current Coursework information. To look at a single module, click on one of the module codes. To look at a single unit of coursework, set the pull-down menu to the relevant exercise — e.g. to ‘Exercise 1’, rather than the general heading ‘-Coursework-’.

Your coursework marks will appear here throughout the Semester, as they are released by the module leader.

Exam marks

Using the menus in Ness, go to ‘Module’, and then ‘Assessment Summary’.

Note that for most modules — but not for those modules assessed by two exams — the mark reported is the final Return mark (combining the Exam mark and Coursework marks in the appropriate weightings).

Please see the Exam information pages (authentication required) for further notes on the significance of the marks reported in Ness.

For a small number of students, marks will not be released until these individuals have spoken with the relevant Stage DPD. These people will be informed of this situation by email, so please check your email if you find you are unable to access your marks.

After the initial release of marks via Ness, the final module return marks will subsequently be uploaded to the main University system, accessible via the S3P (Student Self-Service Portal) system. See the S3P page for more information on this separate system.