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Galactic magnetic fields and dynamo action in the interstellar medium

Cover image from
Moss et al., A&A 380, 55 2001

Mean-field dynamo models in disc geometry

Asymptotic theory for thin discs

Nonlinear models based on magnetic buoyancy, magnetic helicity balance and other effects

Magnetic field models for specific galaxies (Milky Way, M31, M33, M51, M81, etc.)

Magnetic fields in young and evolving galaxies

Magnetic fields in barred galaxies: observations and modelling

Active long-term collaborations:
R. Beck (MPIfR, Bonn, Germany),
E. M. Berkhuijsen (MPIfR, Bonn, Germany),
A. Fletcher (Newcastle University, U.K.),
F. Miniati (ETH Zürich, Switzerland),
D. Moss (University of Manchester, U.K.),
D. D. Sokoloff (Moscow University, Russia)
R. A. Stepanov (ICMM, Perm, Russia),
S. Sur (University of Heidelberg, Germany),

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Revised 6/03/2011