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Galactic magnetic fields: interpretation of observations

Statistical analysis of multi-frequency polarization observations of external galaxies; reconstruction of 3D magnetic structures

Morphological analysis of radio polarization maps using wavelets, Minkowski functionals, etc.

Global magnetic structures in the Milky Way inferred from extragalactic and pulsar Faraday rotation measures

Depolarization effects in the interstellar plasma

Interpretation of the synchrotron background in the Milky Way in terms of interstellar turbulence parameters

Collaborations: R. Beck (MPIfR, Bonn),  E. M. Berkhuijsen (MPIfR, Bonn), A. Fletcher (MPIfR, Bonn), P. G. Frick (ICMM, Perm), M. Krause (MPIfR, Bonn), D. D. Sokoloff (Moscow Univ.), R. A. Stepanov (ICMM, Perm), R. Wielebinski (MPIfR, Bonn)

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Revised 6/03/2011