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Dynamo theory

Isosurface, m = 1 magnetic mode,
flow along the Möbius strip
(Shukurov et al., Phys. Rev. E78, 025301, 2008)

Magnetic fields in turbulent and laminar flows of electrically conducting fluid

Fluctuation and mean-field dynamos; asymptotic solutions for linear and nonlinear regimes

Applications to galaxies, galaxy clusters, astrophysical jets and generic swirling flows, accretion discs, solar wind and the liquid core of the Earth

Active long-term collaborations:
A. Brandenburg (NORDITA, Stockholm, Sweden),
D. Moss (University of Manchester, U.K.),
D. D. Sokoloff (Moscow University, Russia),
R. A. Stepanov (ICMM, Perm, Russia),
K. Subramanian (IUCAA, Pune, India).

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Revised 6/03/2011