London Mathematical Society
Northern Regional Meeting and Workshop

School of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Newcastle

29th June - 2nd July 2004


Here are the speakers, titles of the talks, and those slides and abstracts that we have.

LMS Northern Regional Meeting, 2nd July 2004.

R.I. Grigorchuk Groups, finite automata and spectra
M. Gromov Separation in groups and L2 Kaehler geometry

Workshop, 29th June - 1st July 2004.

Tuesday 29th June
A. Miasnikov Various faces of fully residually free groups and algorithmic problems (Abstract)
A.V. Borovik Andrews-Curtis Conjecture and Finite Groups
J. Howie Generalised Tetrahedron Groups and the Tits Alternative ( Abstract )
Wednesday 30th June
D. Holt The word and conjugacy problems in hyperbolic groups
M.V. Sapir Isoperimetric functions of groups
P.E. Schupp Generic-case Complexity and Decision Problems in Group Theory
R.I. Grigorchuk Kolmogorov complexity, amenability and growth in groups
Thursday 1st July
M. Bridson Subdirect products of hyperbolic groups and finiteness properties
G. Baumslag Some reflections on some groups of B.H. Neumann( Abstract)
R.H. Gilman One variable equations over hyperbolic groups

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