More Results from the Magnetic Induction Equation

I have altered my fortran code so as to solve for a vector potential A, i.e. B=del x A.
My new program "newpotmag.f90" solves the magnetic induction equation in terms of A. It then uses a subroutine to calculate the curl of A, which is, by definition B. By doing this, the constraint that B is solenoidal is enforced.
We then calculate the modulus of B and graph the results.

I used my IDL program "" to plot the results obtained at time t=0.00, t=0.02, t=0.04,....t=0.1
I opted to graph the results at the isosurface level 0.6 as this gave reasonable results throughtout the whole time period.

I ran my Fortran program with v=(0,-3,0).

As we can see below, the results are identical to those that we saw in the steady flow case. This suggests that the program is working correctly.