The Magnetic Induction Equation
using the KS Model

We use the KS model to simulate the turbulent flow which twists and distorts our magnetic field according to the magnetic induction equation.
We would like to examine the behaviour of the magnetic field in different environments and to this end, we can vary many parameters.
An obvious choice of parameter to vary is eta, the magnetic diffusivity. With everything else held fixed, this will change the magnetic Reynolds number (and hence Pm). Alternatively, we can alter the length scales in the KS model (i.e. change the Reynolds number of the flow), vary the speed at which the eddies turn over, or even change the slope of the energy spectrum of the KS-generated velocity field. Typical results for each of the cases are available by clicking the links below.

Results from changing the magnetic diffusivity

Results from changing the speed at which the eddies turn over

Results from varying the slope of the velocity field's energy spectrum