The workshop and meeting will be held in the Clement Stephenson lecture theatre, in the Agriculture Building, off St Thomas' Street: number 38 on the campus map. See the University travel page, for directions. Tea and coffee will be in the agriculture building common room, on the ground floor to the left on the main entrance.

LMS Northern Meeting, 14th April 2010

1:45–2:30pm Tea and coffee
2:30–2:45pm Welcome and LMS business
2:45–3:45pm M. Sageev (Technion) CAT(0) cube complexes in group theory
3:45–4:15pm Tea and coffee
4:15–5:15pm B. Farb (Chicago) Representation theory and homological stability
7:00pm Conference Dinner

The conference dinner will take place at 7:00pm in Oldfields Restaurant, Millburn House, Dean Street, near Central Station and about 15 minutes walk from the university.

Workshop, 12th April–14th April 2010.

Monday 12th April

10:00amRegistration opens: in the Foyer of the Agriculture Building
10:30–11:15pm Tea and coffee
11:15am–12:15pm M. Sageev (Technion) Rank rigidity in CAT(0) cube complexes
12:15–2:15pm Lunch
2:15–3:15pm Enric Ventura (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya) Deciding endo-fixedness in free groups (Slides: number 91)
3:15–4:00pm Tea and coffee
4:00–5:00pm O. Kharlampovich (McGill) Equations in groups, actions on trees, algorithmic topology and dynamical systems. (Slides)

Tuesday 13th April

9:30–10:30am A. Thomas (Oxford) Lattices in complete Kac-Moody groups
10:30–11:15am Tea and coffee
11:15am–12:15pm D. Osin (Vanderbilt) Beyond relative hyperbolicity
12:15–2:15pm Lunch
2:15–3:15pm B. Farb (Chicago) Classification problems for surface bundles
3:15–4:00pm Tea and coffee
4:00–5:00pm M. Belolipetsky (Durham) On volumes of arithmetic hyperbolic orbifolds (Slides)
5:00–6:00pm Problem Session

Wednesday 14th April

9:30–10:30am J. McCammond (UC Santa Barbara) Braid groups and buildings (Slides)
10:30–11:15am Tea and coffee
11:15am–12:15pm D. Serbin (Geneva) Regular completions of Z^n-free groups
12:15–2:20pm Lunch
2:30–5:15pm Northern Meeting
7:00pm Conference Dinner

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